2007 CanAm Powerlifting Championships
Minot YMCA  December 1, 2007
The 2007 CanAm was a small meet but we a lot of new lifters and lots of fun.  We had lifters from Colorado, Estevan,Sask, Fargo,
St John,Dickinson,Devils Lake and Minot. We had two American records set, Kallen Emsley in the Jr 198 unequipped bench only
division. Kellen benched 308 raw. Gary Clock set the American record in the bench in M2 powerlifting 242 lb class. Gary benched
451 lbs to break his own record of 446.
Kurt Weaver had a very good day setting pr's in the squat and deadlift. Good job, Kurt.
Marshall Johnson of Fargo was very impressive in his first powerlifting meet. Marshall has great strength and good form. He has a
great future in lifting.
Rob Bryant moved his outstanding bench to 391 in the Masters 1 181 lb class. Rob also became a grandfather the morning of the
meet. Congratulations, Rob!
Big Bob Brunner had his first full powersports meet and made an outstanding total of 1180 lbs. Bob deadlifted 650 raw, Nice job!
Thanks to Tim Welton and Jim Miller for making their way up from Colorado to lift our meet. It was nice to meet you guys. Keep
up the good lifting.
I was glad to see Big Jason Dalen back on the platform. Nice deadlift of 633 lbs, Jason!
Results of powersports  no equipment allowed
Name              class   curl   bench  deadlift  total
Josiah Roise      148    143
Kurt Weaver     181    148   330      440         920
Jim Miller          198                       462
Linda Abel         132     55    88       198         418
Gary Clock        242    148   352      501        1003
Bob Brunner      308    176   352      650        1180
Results of powerlifting  unequipped
Name              class  squat  bench    deadlift         
Jared Gratzek       165    363   253        363          
Kurt Weaver         181    402   330        440         
Marshall Johnson  198    429   303        523         
Linda Abel            132     132    88       198           
Results of powerlifting equipped
Name              class  squat  bench  deadlift     total
Tim Welton     198                           462
Gary Clock      242       590    451     501        1543
PushPull (Bench-Deadlift total)
Name                   class  total  division
Beau Bryant           181    744   Jr
Gary Clock             242    953   M2
Bob Brunner          308   1003  Int
Jason Dalen          SHW    986  M1 P&F
Bench Only equipped
Name             class        bench   division
Rob Bryant       181         391        M1
Gary Clock       242         451        M2
Bench Only unequipped
Name             class        bench   division
Josiah Roise     148         248        HS
Kellen Emsley  198         308        Jr (19-23)
Tracy Larson, Justin Clock, Gary Clock
Gary Clock, Doreen Clock, Justin Clock
Doreen was the announcer & Justin worked the score table
Marshall Johnson           Bob Brunner
Norm Judd gives award to Tim Welton of Colorado
Bill Johnson did a good job judging
Jason Dalen