USA Nationals in Las Vegas  June 16-17  2007
Lifters from Magic City Muscle had the honor to participate in the first intra federation team
Tracy Larson and Diane Sivney lifted on the team champion Red Team. Norm Judd, Brad
Weber, Bob Brunner and Gary Clock lifted on the losing Blue Team. Even though we didn't
have the performance that we had hoped, it was a memorable time for everyone. All team
members were given team uniforms, team tee shirts, new NASA bags and supplements. We
also had team meals each day. It was really high class all the way. We wish to thank Rich
Peters and NASA for the honor of being on the team.
Back row-L-R Gary Clock, Brad Weber, Norm Judd, Bo Casto, Bob Brunner, Neil
Eddins,Dave Olyer
third row, 2nd from L Tracy Larson
Front row Midde  Diane Sivney
Norm Judd lifted in 198 M 1 and MP. Norm had a nice state record squat at 573, new American
record bench at 435 and finished with 513 deadlift for a total of 1521. Norm finshed first in M2
and MP. Norm is going to be a great 198 lb lifter. Norm also will going to Master 2 in November.
He will really make his mark in this division.
Brad Weber lifted in 198 MP. Brad had a good day with a 484 squat, a good 363 bench and a
507 deadlift for a total of 1355 pounds. Brad finished 3rd in MPure. Good job,old man. Brad is
a living legend in powerlifting that just keeps going and going.
Tracy Larson won the 242 lb Master 1 division. Tracy had a fine 601 squat, 369 bench, and a 545
deadlift for a total of 1515. Tracy was a member of the winning Red Team. This the first team
competition for Tracy. We are proud of your lifting, Big Trac.
Diane Sivney lifted in the 148 lb class. Diane was in the Masters 1 division. Diane started out
well with a 275 squat. Diane ran into trouble in the bench when she had hip raise on her 203
opener, she then went to 225 and put on her new Katana, but it wasn't to be on this day. She just
couldn't lock it out. Hang in there, Diane, you well do better next time at the IPF World Bench
Championships in Germany in September
Bob Brunner lifted in the 308 lb class in the intermediate division. Bob ran into trouble early in
the squat. He could not get his 640 low enough to pass the judges inspection. Bob had entered
push/pull so he continued in the meet getting a nice 474 bench and a 645 deadlift for a 1118.8
American record total. Good job,Bob. Bob will figure out the squat and have a huge total some
Gary Clock lifted in the Master's 2 198 lb class. Gary did sometime he hadn't done in 35
years. He bombed out of the meet. Gary started with a 523 squat, but could not make a 380
bench press. Gary said " I have tried 475 in meet before and it didn't feel as heavy as that
380". Gary had entered powersports deadlift and finished with a 503 World Record.  I feel
really bad about letting down my team leading to its defeat. I have never bombed in a
powerlifing meet so I didn't know how to react. I last bombed out in an olympic lifting meet in
1971. I have to train harder to learn how to lift in the 198 lb class. Everything is much
different, especially balance. Well, enough whinning, time to start trainng again for the
Can-Am and the unequipped Nationals in October.
Merv Young from Estevan, SASK lifted in the M2 242 class. Merv lifted in  the push/pull
division and had a good day for his first National meet. Merv benched 325 and deadlifted 524
for a total of 848 lbs. Merv lost a lot of weight and he will have much better days when he
adjusts to the new weight class. Glad you could make the trip Merv, it was a lot of fun.