Magic City Muscle Biography page
Name= Gary Clock
height- 5'7   wt 220       Born- Jan 29, 1949
Married: Doreen 41  years of wedded bliss
Kids- Jody 40 John 34, Jennifer 33
Grandkids: Zaben 15, Stefan 15, Chase 13, Meghen 11, Paige 10, and Payton 5

Lifting experience: I started in 1967 at Lake Region Jr College in Devils Lake. I have lifted continually

What inspired you to start lifting: I met two young guys named Jim Rolle and Ken Weaver who doing
some strange things I had never seen. They were olympic lifting doing press, snatch and clean and Jerk.
They were going to contests in North Dakota and regionals in Nebraska and doing very well. They invited
to me try a little lifting. I was terrible. I could bench 95lb and squat 135 weighing a huge 134 lbs. The only
thing I could do naturally was pulling motions like clean or deadlift. They talked my into going to the ND
state meet in Jamestown April 1968. I placed 3rd with a 135 press, 135 snatch and 175 clean & jerk. I
was hooked from then on. Jim Rolle was my idol, 198 lbs rock hard muscle. His best lifts were 275
overheard press, 255 snatch and a huge 350 clean and jerk. Jim is a pharmacist in Missoula, Mt. Ken
Weaver was good 165 lb lifter with a 240 overhead press, 220 snatch and a 275 lb clean and Jerk.  Ken
is a farmer near Munich, ND.

Do have any records(state,American, World)? I have world records in the 242 lb bench (equipped
powerlifting,) ( 446 lb bench only,) ( raw 385 powerlifting,) 220 class (440 bench 1604  total
I have World records in
power sports bench 220 lb 363 242 lb 391,dead 220 558, total 1055 at 220
1087 at 242
I have an American record in
push/pull at 242 lb class 997 total  at 220 lb 1003 total
I have American records in
unequipped powerlifting 242 lb class 523 squat 385 bench 558 deadlift
1466 total
Unequipped Bench only  220
352                             220 lb class 490 squat 352 bench 558 deadlift
1402 total  

What are you best lifts(age or weight class) My best lifts in 242 are : 606 squat, 457 bench, 573
deadlift.,  220 lb 600 squat 446  bench, 562  deadlift,  198lb 535 squat, 415 bench, 600 deadlift
Unequipped -242 lb class  523 squat, 385 bp, 558 dl -220 lb class 490  squat 352  bench 558 dead;oft
My best lifts in Olympic lifting the 165 lb class are 253 press, 225 snatch, and a 305 clean & jerk

List some of interesting lifters you have met in your career: I met legends like Mike McDonald. the
greatest bencher of all time, Ricky Crain, Don Blue, Jim Rush, Brad Weber(he is the man I have trained
with a competed with for only 35 years). Ed Neller, Phill Sanderson, Norm Judd, Daryl Johnson, Joe
Thompson, Casey Brown, etc. Way too many to list. The guys I have trained with the longest are Brad
Weber, Ron Martin, Jeff Meyer and Tracy Larson. I also have the pleasure of training with my
brother-in-law Bill Johnson.

What are your goals in your lifting future? I would like to lift into my 60's and do a 400 bench press.
I would like to do a 500+ squat and deadlift also after 60. I have done that. Now to try for M4..

What are the highlites of your career? My first 300 clean and jerk, my first 400 bench, and my
first 600 deadlift. But I am most proud of being the first TEAM NASA that represented NASA
at the 2003 AAU World Championships. I was member of the World Champion team along with
Brad Weber and Norm Judd. I won NASA Athlete of the Year in 2005 & 2006  for both M 2
Powerlifting and Powersports. I won the best lifter overall award at the Unequipped Nationals in
powersports 2006.  2009 Powersports overall Lifter of the Year! 2009 PL & PS M3 lifter of the
Year.  2009 Bench Only runnerup Lifter of Year.

Any advice to younger lifter
s: Find good training partners and have a good time. Don't take yourself
too seriously. Don't overtrain. Take care of your family first
Ken Weaver, Jim Rolle, Gary
Clock 1968
Gary squatting 600 lbs at 58 years old 220 lbs
Gary benching 440 at 220 lbs 58 year old
2009 NASA National Powersports Lifter of the Year