I first met Jack when he moved to Devils Lake, ND from Minneapolis in 1968.  We started olympic lifting
with Jim Rolle, Ken Weaver, and me(Gary Clock)  Jack lifted in the heavyweight class, he weighed 235, he
had lifts of 260 military press, 225 snatch and a 300 clean & Jerk. Jack was very sucessfull, winning many
contest in the upper midwest. Jack was an outstanding arm wrestler who loved to challenge anyone who
thought they were good. Jack's other passions in life were muscle cars and guns.
We started powerlifting because of man named Darwin Ost of Napoleon held  the first state meet in 1970.
After that meet we were hooked. We added lifters Brad Weber, Reid Straabe and Loren Kirkeide to our group.
We started going to meets in Aberdeen, SD, Rapid City,SD, Brookings SD, Minneapolis, Billings Mt Regina
SASK ,Winnepeg Man and battles with Fargo, ND. Jack could Squat over 600 lbs bench over 475 and deadlift
in the low 600's in his prime. He holds many master's records in North Dakota. Jack's kids were also very
good lifters and athletes. He was really proud of all of them. We will miss you, Jack!