Prairie Rose Games
                                                July 12, ASK Fitness
Bench  Only Division
Name                               City            Class  Division                Best Press             Place
Josiah Roise                  Minot               165      13-16                  260                            
Will Fogarty                  Minot                181      17-19                  245                            
Dan Hoornaert              Hillsboro           181      30-39                  305                            
Merl Greenley               Valley City       220       30-39                  325                           
Robert Johnson             Minot               198       40-49                  270                            
Tracy Larson                 Minot               242       40-49                  365                            
Keith Berger                 Grand Forks     181        60-69                  250                          

We had several first time lifters and they all did very well. Will Fogarty had a really
nice bench of 245 in 181 teen class.  Dan Hoornaert of Hillsboro did a double by lifting
a fine 305 in the bench and running sprints in track.  Merly Greenley was a very
strong lifter with his 325.  Keith Berger, in his first meet at 60 years young, had a
impressive 250 bench. Young Josiah Roise just keeps moving his bench up every
meet, Josiah had an outstanding 260 bench at only l6 years of age. Veteran lifter
Tracy Larson did a strong 365 lift.  Tracy is still recovering from surgery and will be
back to old lifts in a few months.
Push/Pull Division
Name                             City           Class     Division       Bench   Deadlift          Total     Place
Edith McDonald            Minot              132       40-49          115          200             315          
Ryan O'Neil                  Minot              181       30-39          205          400            605           
Matt Reed                    Bismarck         220       30-39          300          500            800           
Rod Kenny                   Minot               220       40-49          215          275            490           
Gary Clock                   Minot              242        50-59          435          460            895          Gold

Edith McDonald, lifting in her first meet, overcame a bout of nerves and had a fine day.
Edith will become a good lifter as time goes by.  Ryan O'Neil fought 400 lb  for new personal
record.  Rod Kenny was doing track and powerlifting at the same time, he was really hurried
to get both events done.  Matt Reed, lifting in first meet, was quite impressive with 300 lb
bench and very easy 500 deadlift. Matt took a shot at 560 and got in going off the floor.
Keep up the good work, Matt.
Gary Clock benched 435, his pr this year.
Thanks to Jason Blackburn of ASK Fitness for providing a great venue to lift. Special
thanks to our great volunteers, Doreen Clock, Kathie Eslinger, Justin Clock, Jenn Kegley.  
Our judges, Bill Johnson, John Apland, & Bob Brunner did a fine job.  Our spotters, Jason
Blackburn and  friend      did a great job keeping lifters safe.
Young Josiah Roise benching 260