My first pro powersports championships by Kurt

The Pro meet was a good time. I would have liked to
benched better but, oh well. I didn't know if I was
going to be able to go until Thursday, so I didn't enter
the deadlift or total.
The meet was run very well and had some interesting
changes as compared to a non-pro meet. A large
movie screen was set up with each lifters attempts and
placing displayed as the meet was progressing. During
the meet there was some good "get your blood up"
music playing.
At the end of each attempt, all the lifters from the
round would report to the score table and give their
second attempt.This was done with a bit of secrecy to
increase suspense. Each attempt had a break for this
and there was also a break between rounds. The meet
ran very smoothly and there was a lot of very
impressive lifting.
Also to note was the friendliness of the competitors.
The pro event had the feel of a small town meet with
local people. Sportmanship was great and the lifters
were gracious whether completing lifts or getting
turned down. I feel it was a success and I really think
this type of thing could grow quickly.
At the end of the meet we were dismissed for a couple
of hours or so while they tallied up the results. There
were a large number of door prizes that they drew
lifters names for and I won a new pair of knee wraps.
JT Hall of KY secured a huge number of sponsorships
that made much of the special award money available.
He was honored by Rich after the meet.
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Pro Powersports report                  
March 16, 2008
Powersports cont.

It was also a good feeling to be sitting at the meet as
the only North Dakotan and looking up at the wall
and the North Dakota flag proudly displayed. I
commented on this to Rich Peters and he said it was
for "Gary and the guys". I said its "for me too" Rich
said, "Yeah"

I hope to see everyone on the 19th.