Magic City Muscle has a GREAT weekend in Las Vegas,
USA Nationals, NASA V USPL meet June 17-18-2006
Four members of Magic City Muscle all had good performances in Las Vegas this past
Diane Siveny placed first in M1 132 lb class with lifts of 303 squat, 193 bench press and a
325 deadlift for a total of 821. Diane's bench press is a new American and World record
in 132 M1. Way to go, Snivley!!
Tracy Larson celebrated his M1 debut with his all time best total. Tracy squatted
628, benched 402 and pulled his all time best deadlift, 573 lbs. Tracy totaled 1602
lbs which is the all time best in ND 242 lb class. Great job, Tracy!! Like a fine
wine, he keeps getting better with age. Welcome to the old man's division, Tracy.
Bob Brunner had a break through meet with all time bests in each lift. Bob
squatted 650, benched 440 and deadlifted 683 for a total 1774. Bob lifted in the
intermediate division (24-29) and in the open 275 lb class. Bob set an American
record in the push/pull with a fine 1123 total. Keep up the good work,
Gary Clock lifted in M2 220 lb class and had his best total. Gary squatted 573,
benched 437 and deadlifted 556 for a total of 1567 lbs. Gary also won the push/pull
with 993 total. Gary's bench press and total were World and American records in
powerlifting. Gary an American record in the push/pull at 993. Gary also had an
World and American record in the powersports raw deadlift at 556 lbs. All right for
an old guy.

TEAM NASA won the USPL head to head challenge in both men and women's
divisions. Diane Siveny and Gary Clock represented North Dakota on the NASA

We had a great time and met many new friends along the way. Viva Las Vegas!!
Gary Clock, Bob Brunner, Tracy
              Diane Siveny