Unequipped Nationals    OKC      Oct 21,22-2006
Tracy Larson and Gary Clock went to Oklahoma City for the second Unequipped
Nationals.We both competed in Unequipped Powerlifting and Powersports. It was a
smaller meet than expected but it was high quality.
Tracy competed in M1 242 in powerlifting, he won his division with  a 496 squat, 330
bench and a 523 deadlift for a 1350 total. All his lifts were new North Dakota unequipped
records. Nice job for the first raw meet, Tracy.
Gary Clock competed in M2 220 in powerlifting, he won his division with a 490 squat,
352 bench, and a 558 deadlift for a 1402 total. All Gary's lifts were new American and
state records.
Gary also competed in M2 Bench Only, he won with a new American Record 352 lbs.
Tracy Larson entered his first powersports competition. Tracy did very well. He curled 154,
benched 330, deadlifted 523 for a total of 1008. All his lifts are new North Dakota records.
Not too bad! Remember that no supportive equipment is allowed in powersports. Not even
wrist wraps
Gary Clock had his best day ever in powersports. He curled 143, benched 352 and
deadlifted 558 for a 1055 total. Gary's curl, deadlift and total are new North Dakota
records. His deadlift and total are new American and World records. Gary had the highest
coefficient in powersports, thus winning the best lifter in powersports. He was awarded the
national best lifter jacket for powersports 2006. He was very happy and proud to win this
Winners of the best lifter Jackets at the Unequipped Nationals
Gary Clock ND, Powersports,* Tyson Meyers Ks, Guy McNiel Tx, Powerlifting *Joe Rocker
Tx, Bench
Gary's new outstanding lifter