Biography page-Magic City Muscle
Name= Brad Weber
ht-5 '6       wt- 181            Born-March 22, 1952

Married - wife  Natasha

Kids- Jeremy, Mishay

Lifting experience- I started competing in 1970 in the old AAU. I was an olympic lifter when I
first started. My best lifts were 260 press, 235 snatch, 314 clean & jerk at 181.I have a
powerlifter up to the present. I have lifted in USPF, AAU,MDSA, and NASA.

What are you best lifts: I have done a 410 raw bench at 165 back in the 70's. In 181, I had a
600 squat, 429 raw bench and a 630 raw deadlift in the 70's. I have done a 347 raw bench in the
M2 181 divison. My best squat in M2 is 503 and best deadlift is 551 at 181.I just did a 407  
bench/shirted in the NN. I set a new American push/pull record at the Can Am 358-502=860 at

Do have any records(state,American,World) I have several state, American,World records
in both NASA and AAU. The lastest was my WR 407 bench and new push/pull American

List some of the interesting lifters you have met in your career: Too many to list here.

What are your ultimate goals? I want to bench over 400 lbs in I would like to live to
be a M3.

any words of wisdom to younger lifters? Work as hard as you can toward your goals and
never give up. Keep trying until you make your goal.
Norm Judd & Brad Weber show off awards from AAU Worlds
in 2004
Brad deadlifting at the