Gary Clock has a good day at the
Manno Classic in Mesa on May 4
Magic City Muscle Powerlifting
Minot, North Dakota
Minot's only Drug Free powerlifting team lifts out of the Minot YMCA. We started our
club in 2002 when we attended our first NASA (Natural Athletes Strength Association)
national meet in Nashville, Tn. We are are a drug free team that is dedicated to that
cause. Our association is centered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Rich Peters is the head
of NASA.  Gary Clock is the North Dakota state records chairman.
Any questions or comments: email Gary Clock
Bio's of the lifters:click on name
Best lifts in Powerlifting: equipped
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Norm Judd
623 squat
485 bench
562 deadlift
1609 total
220 M2
Brad Weber
523 squat
407 bench
540 deadlift
1471 total
198 M2
Gary Clock
606 squat
457 bench
562 deadlift
1625 total
242 M3
Tracy Larson
639 squat
440 bench
573 deadlift
1604 total
242 M1
Bob Brunner
650 squat
534 bench
685 deadlift
1774 total
275 INT
Bill Johnson
402 squat
264 bench
419 deadlift
1057 total
198 M2
John Apland
766 squat
457 bench
700 deadlift
1923 total
308 M1
Kurt Weaver
424 squat
341 bench
446 deadlift
1178 total
181 M1
Spencer Danielson
325 squat
225  bench
408 deadlift
959 total
148 SM
Beth Iverson
193 squat
115 bench
264 deadlift
573 total
148 SM
Brandon Hovda
534 squat
314 bench
534 deadlift
1383 total
275 SM
Gary Clock
154 curl
391 bench
562 deadlift
1087 total
242 M3
Tracy Larson
159 curl
330 bench
534 deadlift
1023 Total
242 M1
Kurt Weaver
154 curl
341 bench
430 deadlift
926 total
181 M 1
Keith Berger
138 curl
270 bench
347 deadlift
749 totlal
181 M3
Rod Kenny
121 curl
231  bench
352 deadlift
705 total
220 M1
Lee Tangelin
143 curl
281 bench
413 deadlift
825 total
198 M3
Josiah Roise
204 curl
347 bench
435 deadlift
975 total
165 Teen
Bob Brunner
181 curl
385 bench
700  deadlift
1260 total
Beth Iverson
61 curl
115 bench
264 deadlift
444 total
148 SM
Matt Popham
143 curl
319 bench
524 deadlift
986 total
275 Inter
Best lift in Powersports-No equipment allowed except belt
Coming Events
Minot Can Am Powerlifting Meet
Dec 1, 2012
Two Magic City Muscle Lifters inshrined in the
North Dakota Powerlifting Hall of Fame!
Gary Clock and Brad Weber of Minot were inducted on Oct 13
along with 5 other lifters from around the state!
More information to come later
Four Magic City Muscle lifters have a good meet at the
Master's/submaster Nationals in Mesa, Az Nov 3, 2012
Keith Berger competed in the M3 198 lb class in powersports Bench only and Curl
only. Keith won both with a 259 bench and a 137 curl. Good job, Keith!

Lee Tangelin competed in the M3 198 lb class in powersports and push/pull.  Lee won
both of his events with lifts of 137 curl, 275 bench and a 413 deadlift for a total of 826
lbs.   This was Lee's first national meet and he had pr's almost every lift, outstanding!

Bob Brunner lifted in SHW in the submaster division in powersports. push/pull, bench
only and the individual powersports lifts..  Bob curled 176, benched 385, and deadlifted
700 lbs for a total 1262.  Bob's deadlift was a powerports world record! Great job, Bob!

Gary Cloc lifted in M3 220 lb powersports and push/pull.  Gary curled 148, benched
347 and deadlifted 451 for a total of 948 lbs.  Gary's bench press broke a long standing
powersports world bench record!

We had a great time in Mesa.  Nice and warm!  Bob and Gary also lifted on the Power
and Intensity team out of Tucson, Az.  They helped them win the Arizona Regionals!
                                            click here for more pictures and stats
Most of the lifters that competed in the 2012 CAN AM powerlifting meet.  We had a
great time with lots of outstanding lifters.
Natural Nationals
Feb 17-18, 2018
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
The 2012 CAN AM meet in Minot was a great success.  We had 61 entries and 31 lifters do an
outstanding job.  We would like to thank the YMCA, our judges (Gary Clock, John Apland,
Tracy Larson, Spencer Danielson and Bill Johnson), table workers, ( Doreen Clock, Kathie
Eslinger, Jen Harvey) for an outstanding job.
We had some super lifters come this year.  Our best lifters Jared Miller, Austin Pappas and
Jake Suedel are all going to be ranked high in the national top 100 lifters.  New comers like
Jack Lindsley, Spencer Danielson, Eric Olmstead, Mark Mindt, Dave Johnson, along with
veterans like Paul Kadlec, Robert Fuller, Adam Suedel, Bob Brunner, Tony Coooper, Josiah
Roise provided the crowd with a lot of exciting lifts.
Gary Clock lifted in the 220 lb M3 division in unequipped powerlifting, placing first with a
451 squat, 336 bench press and 457 deadlift. The bench press was a Arizona state record.
In powersports, Gary won with a 148 curl, 336 bench, and 457 deadlfift.  The bench was a
Arizona record.
Gary also won unequipped push/pull with a 793 total. This too was a Arizona state record.
Gary Clock has a good day at the
Manno Classic in Mesa on May 4
1974 after a meet in Knox, North Dakota
L-R back Jack Lindsley, Ron Martin, Brad Weber, Ken Weaver, Gary Clock, Greg Ness
L-R front Reid Straabe, unknown, unknown, and Rodney Ivesdahl
Jack Lindsley, Ron Martin, Brad Weber. Gary Clock and Reid Straabe